Here is a list of useful resources. I have no affiliation with any of the following links.

Barron’s Econoday Calendar
Briefing Economic Calendar
Before each week begins I make a list of reports to be released. If a fed announcement is imminent it is foolish to step in front of it as they will run stops in both directions even if there is no change in policy. From being in chat rooms it amazes me how few people are aware of when reports are to be released. I prefer the Barron’s Calendar as it is a little more complete. Some prefer the Briefing list as they post results quickly as they come in. Check out both.

CBOT Market Profile Education
There is an excellent home study course pdf manual available for free to download. There are also some video seminars that are a good introduction to this way of looking at the markets.

CBOE Options Institute
There are many free option education resources here. There are many online courses. Of special interest are the educational webcasts. There are 83 free videos as of the day I post this. There is a section of webcasts by Dan Sheridan that are excellent. They are each about an hour long. You only have to create a user name and password to access all this information. If you are interested in option trading and strategies this site is one of the best resources on the internet in my opinion.

Sheridan Options Mentoring
Excellent menoring program on options taught by one of the best and most experienced traders in the industry. Well worth checking out. Please refer to above link where you can view his many free webcasts.

For data and charts it is hard to beat Tradestation. They also offer excellent brokerage service despite the badmouthing you hear in some chat rooms that promote other services. With a brokerage account and a minimum of trading activity the platform is free. It’s hard to understand why some traders prefer other services with unstable data and a minimum of features when they can get the best for free. Even if you clear your trades through another broker you can still get the platform for free currently with only ten round turn futures trades, or a certain number of option or stock trades. I have no affiliation with Tradestation other than having been a customer continuously for the last eight years.

InvestorFlix/INO TV
Why is INO TV is the Logical Choice? Click Here
There is a little known but huge library of video and audio presentations called INO TV (previously called InvestorFlix). Many of these are audio presentations, along with a PDF workbook, of TAG conference and seminars in the 1990’s. One can print out the PDF and for those lectures you want to listen to over and over you can easily copy the audio files to your computer. Of special interest for me were the many presentations by Linda Raschke. She is an excellent educator. Whenever I feel in a slump I listen to one of her presentations and I snap right out of it. Also of interest were the Walter Bressert and Hank Pruden presentations. There are hundreds more to choose from. Click the link above for a preview.

Linda Raschke’s Web Site
Linda Rashcke is one of the best educators for short term traders. In a business filled with wanna be gurus who promote a certain indicator or a closed black box system, it is refreshing to find someone willing to share so much knowledge and experience. Her web site is filled with information you can take for free, after registering for free. She also offers a paid chat room for daytrading if you need that sort of thing. I’ve been in the chat room in the past and it is excellent, but distracting if you are trading. But if you are new and want some guidance it’s an excellent place to start. But her concepts and methodology are freely discussed in the articles for free. And I recommend the InvestorFlix audio presentations in the above link as well.

John Ehlers
Walter Bressert
I recommend studying the information on the two sites above. Of special interest to me are the papers by Ehlers on adaptive cycle lengths. I will have articles on this subject. And check out the books on the book tab. Both these guys are worth studying if you are technically inclined. There’s lots of free stuff on both sites.

Terry Laundry T Theory
Hank Pruden 
Pimco – Bill Gross
If you’ve read Marty Schwartz’s Pit Bull you’ll notice much reference to the T Theory. Here’s the web site where you can learn about it. Hank Pruden is an educator in the Wyckoff method and well worth studying. It’s always interesting to read what Bill Gross is saying.

Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway
Must read articles by the Oracle of Omaha.

3-2-1 Gold
3-2-1 Energy
321 Gold and it’s sister site 321 Energy are mainly links to articles on those subjects. Beware the relentless promotion of penny stocks and the permanently one sided bullish views on those markets, especially on the gold site. However, there are many links and articles worth browsing.

Yahoo Earnings Schedule 
If you are a stock trader, or even an index trader you should know when the earnings are to be released on the stocks you are trading or on key stocks in the index you are trading. So many people ignore this, and so many people lose.

Here is a group of fairly new ETF’s that allow you to go either long or short the market, with or without leverage. If you want more flexibility in your index trading and don’t want to use futures or options this might be something to check out. Also, here is one way you can get a long term capital gain tax advantage if you have a long term bearish perspective, that is if you think the market could be lower out 12 months or more, you can be long the short ETF. Many possibilities with these new products.

Sector S&P SPDRs
Here’s where you can learn more about the very liquid and tradable S&P sector SPDRs.

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