John Williams’ Shadow Government Statistics
Analysis Behind and Beyond Government Economic Reporting

Real Clear Markets
This site has many links to the top financial stories are articles of the day. Excellent resource to get current on the happenings of the day.

Systematic Relative Strength
The official blog of Dorsey Wright & Associates Money Management.

Trader’s Narrative
Freshly squeezed market commentary and analysis.

The Big Picture
Excellent blog by Barry Ritholtz. (Not to be confused with another investing blog with the same name on typepad, which looks like a link farm with lots of ads.)

Minyanville – Stock Market
Many useful investing and trading articles.

Infectious Greed
Finance and the money culture by Paul Kedrosky

Futures Trading – A Complete System
A how to guide for the futures and forex markets. A new blog by a trader from Spain.

The following links are directories with listings to other blogs:
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The Pegasus Directory
Stock Blogs
Bloggapedia – Find It!
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