I began my career working for a bond firm in the 1970’s. I quickly moved on to a major Wall Street firm, first as a retail securities broker, and later as a commodity broker. The stock market had not yet begun its historic bull run so the public was largely out of the market, making it a difficult business on the retail side. I discovered I wasn’t as interested in selling as I was in analyzing, so I turned my attention to technical analysis and became a CTA for a short time, and eventually turned to only trading my own account. Short term trading can be exhausting, so for a few years I turned to position trading while I ran another business. I am now back to trading full time for my own account. I am not affiliated with any firm. I am not a financial or trading advisor. I simply trade for my own account only.

This site is intended as a place where I can share my ideas about what I’ve learned over the years about trading, indicators, systems, and other topics relating to trading. The education of a trader is an ongoing, never ending process. This site is a place where I can deposit my thoughts and ideas, a place where they can reside and become more focused and organized. In the process some of what I have to say may help other traders. There is no one correct approach to trading. Certainly no Holy Grail, and I don’t propose to offer one. I have nothing to sell. I have no chat room. There are some ads on the site which will hopefully pay for expenses.

Please read the disclaimer carefully. By being on this site you agree to the terms. No investment advice is being offered. Any trading signals I discuss are purely for educational purposes. The intent is to explain and discuss on an ongoing basis the reason behind a certain signal or pattern so hopefully the trader will be able to spot favorable opportunities in the future, on his or her own. There are no guarantees any indicators or signals discussed here will work in the future. Trading is an art and not a science. It takes much time to learn an art, especially one as difficult as trading.

Regarding indicators: I will discuss all the indicators that I use and many that I no longer use. Please do not email me asking for the formulas. My indicators are not a proprietary magic formula. Everything I use is freely available on the internet or in books. However, many of the formulas I use I’ve customized to my own needs, and in some cases have taken code from books or articles. I don’t think it would be right for me to distribute something coded by someone else, even if it is freely published. I would rather give the references and you can work with the code yourself. If you don’t know programming then take the time to learn it. TradeStation Easy Language is truly easy to learn. You will have more confidence and respect for the indicators if you put your own work into them. They will probably work better for you as well.

Please check out my Introduction (also located in the Articles section).

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  1. Just ran across this blog and got stuck reading with great fascination. I changed my life at age 62 to learn the markets and trading. Its been difficult and sometimes painful….but I love it like learning to climb a big montain with bloody knuckles.

    Thanks for the great insights from an experienced man.


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