Off for a few days

I’m taking a few days off. If anyone emails or posts I won’t be able to respond immediately. I’m going to attend a seminar given by the CBOE and Dan Sheridan.

There are some excellent webinar given by Dan on the CBOE web site. And they are all free. In my opinion they are some of the most valuable educational material, paid or free, available on the internet. He discusses various option strategies mostly related to creating monthly income. He is one of the few real traders teaching today who actually made a living doing what he is teaching. That is very rare in this business.

To access the video, you just go to and create a free user name and password. Then go to the Learning Center, and on the left side there is a link to the Option Institute. There you will see many choices for educational material. The third choice down is the link for the webcasts. Click that and then you have to again click the educational webcast link in the middle of the top of the page. Then on the left side you will see a box with choices of all the webcasts, or just the Dan Sheridan webcasts. There are nearly 40 webcasts by Dan, and they are all excellent. Each is about an hour long. Please not that the last few webcasts start nearly 10 minutes after you hit the start button, so you can use the scroll bar to move it forward until you see Dan’s face. The earlier videos start right away. Also, there’s another location that has many short clips by Dan in some sort of safari outfit. If you happen to arrive at those, you are in the wrong place. I’ve mentioned these videos to many people and they always seem to find the little, short videos. So check this out even if you are not an option trader. He has many excellent ideas. And the videos are entertaining.