Stock indexes rebound slightly

The stock indexes have pulled back this week. The trends are still holding up, and very slightly in the S&P, with momentum now back to the oversold level. Weekly momentum is still climbing. If any upturn in momentum should occur, the recent uptrend may still have more to go. Advance/decline still looks bad. Volume did pick up a bit today on the slight firming in prices. The higher oil price wasn’t able to push stocks lower by the close.
I stopped updating my trends page when I went on vacation. I was going to take that page down as it wasn’t getting very many hits. I noticed recently that more people were trying to access that page even though there has been no updates. So I will try to update that page again to see how it goes.
Also, I uploaded a new article that I just wrote on the Commitments of Traders data. Here is the link: COT Article