Stocks and gold higher, dollar down

Not much new to post in a chart. The S&P and Nasdaq rallied to mostly erase the loss from last Friday. Momentum indicators are still pointing up, with main trend on the daily charts still down. This is a tradeable bounce to the upside, but probably a better opportunity on the short side may present itself in the days ahead. I would rather trade momentum in the direction of the trend to be going with the current, rather than trying to paddle upstream. The downtrend can reassert itself quickly. Hopefully prices will work their way back up into the moving averages prior to momentum turning back down. Gold was higher once again. The day session chart left a bit of a selling tail, but the night session so far is trading several dollars higher and into that tail. Trend is obviously still up coming out of that triangle. A shake-out at any time should not be unexpected – in other words – should be expected. The dollar was lower and coming into some support area, although trend and momentum are both down, so it will be interesting to see if support can hold this time. The Baltic Dry was down almost another $300, and that with the dollar lower. It looks like the 50% correction level will give way as it is fast approaching the 61.8 level, and after that would be a complete retracement of the last impulse up. It will be interesting to see if the FXI and other China indexes follow it down. The FXI is showing a slight downtrend with momentum starting to roll over, although it rallied up a bit with the other stock indexes today.

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